Curriculum Overview


At Wormholt Park Primary School, we ensure that the curriculum is skills based.

Our skills-based learning provides classroom environments where independence, thinking skills, collaboration and active learning are developed at the same time as knowledge is acquired.

This curriculum aims to deepen children's learning at all levels across a broad and balanced range of learning opportunities. We place great importance on trips and workshops to ensure learning comes to life.

Whilst the teaching and learning of Maths and English is a crucial part of everyday learning, the social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth of every child, is also a key part of our skills based curriculum which focuses on transferable skills within learning.

Our Skills Builder projects fully support this approach, with vital skills taught, developed and practised across our broad and balanced curriculum. Please click the link below to find about about the vital skills developed through our Skills Builder projects.

Curriculum Overview - Reception to Year 6

Please use the links below to see a curriculum overview for each year group

NURSERY                                                                  RECEPTION


YEAR 1                                                                                  YEAR 2


YEAR 3                                                                                  YEAR 4


YEAR 5                                                                                  YEAR 6










National Curriculum

Please click below to access the New National Curriculum. This document shows the content of the curriculum Wormholt Park follows in each academic year for every subject.


National Curriculum



Knowledge Organisers

At Wormholt Park School,  we have developed Knowledge Organisers to support children's learning. 

The Knowledge Organisers present key facts and information on a single page, which give children the ’big picture’  of what they are required to learn in topics taught throughout the academic year. 

The Knowledge Organisers are shared with parents and children at the start of each topic.

Children are encouraged to use them as a tool to develop their subject knowledge.​​ 

Please click on the links in the Topic Map below, to see all the Knowledge Organisers!


Whole School Topic Map

  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer2



All About Me






People Who Help Us


Growth and Change












Favourite Stories













                        Year 1


Super Senses


The Wormholt Way




Once Upon A Time


Chomp! Stomp! Roar!


Amazing Animals

                                                                 Year 2


There's No Place Like Home.


History of Local Area


Frozen Planet


Great Fire of London


Country Study (Australia)


Famous Person Study

                                                                       Year 3


The Savage Stone Age








Wonders of the World


                                                                      Year 4





Wild West


Investigating India




                                                                        Year 5


Off With Your Head (Tudors)


To Infinity and Beyond (Space and Solar System)





Route to Rio!(Brazil)


                                                                      Year 6


Ancient Greeks


World War One


Investigating Coasts and Rivers


Me, Myself and I



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You can view our Calculation Policy here.

Please also take the time to look at these websites which we regulalry use in lessons: Numeracy Passports,STOPs, Maths 2 Measure, NRICH and NCETM



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