The Power of a Book

This week, every child in our school had the opportunity to visit our ‘ Wormholt Park Pop Up Book shop’. The charity Children’s Book Project very generously donated enough books to our school to ensure that every child received a free book to keep.  The children were excited to visit our school book shop and […]

Posted 1 April 2022
Red Nose Day 2022

We raised over £470 for Red Nose Day on Friday18th March.

Posted 29 March 2022
ScratchJr Coding – Year 3

Year 3 have had a wonderful afternoon using the skills they learnt in their coding lessons to write some wonderful codes on ScratchJr. They have learnt how to code their characters to move and speak and even grow larger! Kamal managed to code a Giraffe and Zebra to have a race whilst Hafsa and Paige […]

World Book Day 2022

We all had such good fun dressing up as our favourite book characters and doing lots of reading activities! Have a look at these photos.

Posted 20 March 2022
World Book Day: Book Tasting – Year 3

Year 3 have had an amazing World Book Day! We spent the day talking about books, authors and different genres. The children explored genre and what that meant by carrying out an immersive Book Tasting Experience at our Reading Cafes. We discussed Traditional Tales from around the world, Poetry, Adventure novels, Biographies and Mysteries. The […]

Posted 3 March 2022
Ancient Egyptian Workshop – Year 3

Year 3 had an amazing workshop learning all about Ancient Egypt, where they built a pyramid, learnthow to mummify a body and retold Ancient Egyptian Myths.They even learnt some playground games that Ancient Egyptian children might have played!

Posted 7 February 2022
Children in Need 2021

To raise money for Children in Need this year, everyone in our school had a special assembly talking about how important the charity is and to raise money everyone came in their Pyjamas! Don’t our classes look super cosy?

Posted 22 November 2021
World Book Day 2021

World Book Day 2021! We love books so much at Wormholt Park Primary, that we had not one but two World Book Days! One was at home remotely on Thursday 4th March, and the other one was at school the week following on Friday 12th March! We all dressed up as our favourite book characters, […]

Posted 15 July 2021
Our Amazing Corridor Displays!

At Wormholt Park Primary School, we love to celebrate all of our class’s learning by creating incredible corridor displays that show off all of our pupils’ work. These displays are based around a certain theme and each class is encouraged to be as creative as possible to show off everything we do best! Recently, we […]

Posted 14 July 2021