Year 6 Art and Design

For their final year in Key Stage 2, Santiago and Salvador classes spend the year reviewing, recapping and developing their artistic skills further so they are ready to express themselves creatively in secondary school. They create their own abstract art inspired by Paul Klee, go through the design process multiple times to create a special container, paint still-life art pieces inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, sew their own soft furnishing using old clothing, create their own light-up signs and finally create their own personal museums showcasing what they have learnt over the years.

Mini Art Museums

For their final ever project in our art studio, the Year 6s were given the task of creating their own miniature art museums.

For this challenge, they were allowed to create 5 pieces of work that were personal to them and were inspired by the artists they had learned about over their time here learning art. Many created beautiful self portraits, awesome sculptures, and incredible landscapes – all miniaturised!

Use the sliding gallery and click on the pictures below to see what we have been up to!

DT – Light-up Signs

For their final DT project in Year 6, the pupils were given the task of applying their knowledge of electricity and circuits into a light-up protest sign.

First they looked at protest art across the ages – especially art around the Suffragettes, Climate Change and the BLM movement. From their, they worked with a partner to design a protest sign that was colourful, eye-catching and had a working circuit to make certain sections of their signs light up!

Use the sliding gallery and click on the pictures below to see what we have been up to!

Georgia O’Keeffe Still Life Painting

During Spring 2, Wormholt Park Primary have been excited to get back to the art studio and get creative together again!

For their time back before Easter, Year 6 learnt about an American artist who grew up during both World Wars – Georgia O’Keeffe. They discussed what made her work look modern, even to this day, and how her work looks so distinctive. After, they then spent time drawing and painting still-life flowers onto large pieces of paper. They experimented with layering colour to show shadows and highlights too!

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Virtual Art – Still Life Art

During Spring 1, Wormholt Park Primary moved its learning online! However, despite all of the challenges remote learning can bring, it hasn’t stopped our pupils creating some incredible pieces of work!

During our virtual lessons, Year 6 has spent the time to improe upon their observational art skills. They practiced their mark making, experiemented with tonal shading and contour lines, and then drew objects they could find in their own homes.

Each week, one child was picked as an art star – and we’re sure you’ll agree that their work is incredible!

Use the sliding gallery and click on the pictures below to see what we have been up to!

DT – Transporting a Precious Object

During Autumn 2, Year 6 have had their first opportunity to go through the design process in a way similar to the professional designers, architects and engineers would. 

Their design brief seemed relatively simple: to create a container that could protect a fragile object from a great fall into water. This would mean their container would need to be able to open and close as well as be waterproof and durable enough to withstand a drop. To make things more interesting, the most safe, secure, waterproof, creative and aesthetically pleasing product at the end would win a prize too!

First, the pupils researched different materials and considered which would be the best to create their containers based on the design brief. They then worked in pairs or threes to create designs and prototypes of their containers. These were tested in the same conditions the final product would be so the groups could accurately improve their designs based on their experiences and what they had observed in other pupil’s work. 

Finally, with their new and improved products, Year 6 were judged on their work by Mrs Payne and Ms Hargie based on how well their product met the design brief, how creative their design ideas were and how aesthetically pleasing the containers were to see.

The winners in Santiago class were Violetta and Abdulaziz. The winners in Salvador class were Enesa and Farkhanda. Well done!

Colour Theory – Review and Recap

During Autumn 1, Year 6 has spent time reviewing and recapping everything that have learnt about colour theory.

First, we applied our skills to explore the artwork of Paul Klee and were challenged to recreate one of his art pieces using all of our prior knowledge. We made sure to choose the paintbrushes that would best help us create detailed work and we had to meet the challenge of only using a limited colour palette.

To continue reviewing what we had learnt, we then applied our knowledge of colour mixing, complementary colours, and tints and shades to create work inspired by Paul Klee’s work. The work needed to incorporate his neat geometric patterns and show a range of colours.

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