Covid-19 for Parents

On this page you will find information about:

  • How we are keeping the school as safe as we can 
  • Remote Learning
  • Contact Information

How we are keeping the School Safe

Please click the document link to find out how we are keeping children as safe as we can during COVID.

Please have a look at our Coronavirus Outbreak Management Plan, that we will follow in the case of an outbreak in school or in the local community.

Remote Learning Guidance

Please click the document link to read useful information on what you can expect from our home-learning.

Home Learning will be set on Google Classroom each day. Please click the document link to read instructions on how to access the learning and upload tasks.

We will try to make sure that tasks do not need to be completed online, so people with limited devices can do their learning on paper and then use a phone to upload a picture of what they have done. Teachers will be monitoring the uploaded work and contacting parents if work is not completed.

Please help your child to access their learning each day. There will be certificates for the children who engage really well and try their hardest.

Contact Information

If you need to contact the school in the evenings, weekends or holidays about anything COVID-19 related, please use this email address: