Arts Council

To celebrate and advocate the Creative Arts in our school, 12 children from Years 5 and 6 are a part of our school’s Arts Council. They meet up at least once a month with our Arts Lead Mrs Payne, and a part of their role is to help run events, develop their creative arts skills, and have a say in the way the Creative Arts is taught at Wormholt Park.


Wormholt Park’s Arts Council Badges

Wormholt Park’s first ever Arts Council has begun this year and their first action as a group has been to decide on a badge that shows the rest of the school that they are the pupils to talk to about anything to do with the Creative Arts. First, they worked on individual ideas and then voted on two of the council’s ideas. This was then merged together, digitised and made into special Arts Council badges by Mrs Payne.

Art Resources for home

At the end of the previous school year, all classes were asked to send any pencils, rubbers or colouring pencils they would not be using in the new school year. As their second job, the WPAC were asked to help organise, sharpen and prepare these resources for any child in our school to be able to take home for free if they needed them. These are available to any child that asks so that they can continue their creative endeavours at home!