Globe Sculpture Trail

In 2022, we have been specially selected to take part in one of the UK’s largest sculpture trails from a group called ‘The World Reimagined’. For this, we will be painting our own fibreglass globe that will be a part of the sculpture trail in London. 

Choosing the design

For the painted design, we asked all of the children to design what they thought should go on it following the themes of Compassion, Courage, Curiosity, Connection and/or Equality. The best design from each class was then chosen by their class teachers and our Arts Council picked the overall winner and runner up. Their designs and ideas will be then painted onto the globe with the help of all of the finalists.

Here are a few of our finalist’s designs with our winner and runner up towards the end!

Painting the background

Before painting the puzzle pieces from Lexi’s puzzle design, we decided to paint the background using Dilan’s rainbow brush stroke pattern. We drew out the puzzle pieces in chalk first and then moved onto painting the background using acrylic paint with dry brushes. I think you can agree that this is going to look spectactular!

Finishing the background

The next time we all came together to paint our globe, we got to work on finishing the background straight away! As you can see, the main puzzle pieces really stand out and you can see so many different painting styles shine through.

Painting the puzzle pieces

As we had to miss a week painting, we got to spend an entire day finishing off the painting of our globe! First we painted the puzzle pieces so that they were nice and smooth. Our group decided to use pastel colours so that they stood out from the bright rainbow background. We also made sure to do more than one coat of paint on the puzzle pieces so that we couldn’t see as many brush strokes.

Painting the base

Once we finished painting the puzzle pieces in pastel colours, the globe was lifted onto a table so we could reach some of the trickier puzzle pieces at the bottom and so that we could paint the base of our globe in the same bright colours as the background.

Outlining the puzzle pieces

After all of the painting was finished, a few of our older pupils then used Posca Pens to outline the puzzle pieces so that they stood out. This definitely added an amazing final touch to our painting and all of our puzzle pieces really stand out!

The finished painting of our globe!

Doesn’t our globe look incredible? Now all that’s left is a couple of coats of varnish and it’s ready for the sculpture trail!

Sending the Globe to the Sculpture Trail

Our globe sculpture is finally finished after two shiny coats of varnish and is now off on its way to be shown in Central London in the Shoe Lane Library! If you get a chance to get into Central London from the 13th August, please make a visit to see our sculpture as you can see the children have put a lot of effort into creating it. 

Our Globe Sculpture will be able to be seen at Shoe Lane Library, Hill House, 1 Little New St, London EC4A 3JR. If you go see if, take a photo and share it with Mrs Payne in September!

Click the image for a Google Maps link to the Shoe Lane Library!

Make sure to check back in each week for more updates!