Friday class assemblies. These are held in the bottom hall from 10.00am to 10.15am.

Doors open at 9.55am

Please can we remind you that any photographs or videos taken during class assemblies are for personal use only and should NOT be shared on any social media.

We hope to see you there!

DateClass Year Group
Friday 6th October 2023 SeoulYear 6
Friday 13th October Tripoli Year 5
Friday 10th November 2023Santiago Year 6
Friday 24th November 2023WellingtonYear 3
Friday 26th January 2024La PazYear 2
Friday 2nd February 2024Tokyo Year 5
Friday 1st March 2024AthensYear 4
Friday 8th March 2024WashingtonYear 3
Friday 22nd March 2024Havana Year 1
Friday 17th May 2024HarareYear 1
Friday 14th June 2024OttawaReception