Online Safety

At Wormholt Park School we recognise clearly that for our pupils, the Internet and other digital devices already play a huge role in their lives. These devices can be an amazing resource for education and entertainment, and most children use them safely. However, there are also lots of risks online which can potentially lead to harm. These risks can include:

  • Exposure to age inappropriate or distasteful content
  • Harm from interactions with other people online
  • Harm from trusting non-credible sources online

A more detailed guide to the different risks and child internet safety can be viewed or downloaded here.

As a school, we have a responsibility to ensure that all our pupils are aware of these risks and can deal with them appropriately. At Wormholt Park, we follow the SMART rules of staying safe online, which clearly spells out both the risks and effective ways of dealing with potential problems. These rules are clearly displayed in our Computing Suite and in all classrooms, and the children have termly e-safety sessions to ensure they understand how to deal with potential problems.

As a parent or carer, you can find out more by visiting the Childnet Website or you can download your own SMART rules poster to display at home.

Click here for the SMART rules poster!

At Wormholt Park School we additionally expect all pupils to follow the rules for behaviour online both when at school and when at home that are set out in our Pupil Acceptable Use Policy. 

The policy can be found here:

Please have a look at the 2 documents below, which will help keep your child safe online