Holidays and Leave During Term Time

From September 2013 the Department for Education issued new guidance on Holidays and Leave during term time.

As a result of this, all families should note the following:
• From September 2013, the Department for Education has removed the right for Head
Teachers to allow holidays during term time in any circumstances. No such requests can be
legally granted. A penalty notice will be issued if holidays are taken.
• Any other requests for leave during term time must be submitted in writing (on the school
request form – available in the school office), with dates, before the leave is taken. The
Head Teacher will then make a decision based on each individual case. If the leave is not
agreed, or if it is agreed and the child returns later than the original date given, a penalty
notice will be issued.
• If the reason for absence requested is illness of a relative the Head Teacher will, whilst being
sympathetic to each request, look for previous patterns of term time absence and discuss
with the parent whether it is necessary for their child to be absent. A medical certificate or
other proof of the situation might be requested. If the request is denied and the child is
removed from school, a penalty notice will be issued.
• Visits to relatives abroad during term time will not be authorised. The view of the school is
that normal visits should be conducted during the school holidays. A penalty notice will be
Genuine requests will be viewed objectively and considerately. The majority of our families try their very best to ensure that their children attend school regularly and are on time each day – thank you!