RR Ambassadors

The RR Ambassadors meet regularly to discuss and decide on different ways to improve our school. All of the RR Ambassadors are voted for by their class mates to represent them at the meetings. They are mature and sensible children who are confident speaking on behalf of others.

Recently, the RR Ambassadors helped to decide on which playground equipment would be the most useful to buy.

ClassRR Ambassadors
Year 1Leighton and Sofia
LimaAisha and Max
La PazAna and K’Shon
WashingtonReese and Naser
WellingtonFeiya and Tommy
AthensAlma and Ralph
AtlantaYasmin and Joshua
TokyoOsanat and Charley
TorontoMilan and Assad
SalvadorWalid and Insaaf
SantiagoOmar and Fathia