Covid Recovery Grant

COVID-19 Catch-Up Premium

2020/21 Academic Year

The government provided additional funding for schools to  support children in catching up on the missed education over the National Lockdown.  Details of  the money allocated to Wormholt Park in September 2020 and it’s planned expenditure can be found below.

2021/22 Academic Year

A further grant has been allocated to school to support the continued Catch-Up work that is needed after further disruption in 2020/21.  The DfE have funded £529 per pupil for 60% of the number of pupil premium children on roll in Years 1-6 at Wormholt Park in October 2020.  This is to fund 75% of the cost of tuition with the school needing to contributing the additional 25%.  

Details of our planned expenditure can be found in our Pupil Premium Strategy Statement