Staff List

Leadership, Management and Teaching Staff Structure 2021-2022

Senior Leadership Team

Anika Hargie – Headteacher

Nadia Osta – Deputy Head, Safeguarding Lead 

Lisa McNiffe – Assistant Head, Assessment, Safeguarding Lead

Sam Everett – Assistant Head, KS1 Lead, SENCo, Reading Lead

Caroline Plummer – School Business Manager

Middle Leadership Team

Natisha Virdee – EYFS Lead, Topic Lead, Reception Teacher

Zainab Ejlilou– KS2 Lead, Science Lead, Year 6 Teacher (Maternity)

Kathryn Lardner – English Lead, Year 5 Teacher (Maternity)

Robert Hoskins – Maths Lead, Year 6 Teacher

Teaching and Curriculum Responsibility

Charlotte Payne- PPA, Art DT and Music Lead

Maria Takeram – Nursery Teacher

Gemma Emery –  Nursery Teacher

Stefania Sunmor – PE Lead, Year 1 Teacher

Ollie Thomas  – Year 1 Teacher

Lorna Fisher – School Travel Plan Lead, Phonics Lead, Year 2 Teacher

Asma Wassagou – Year 2 Teacher

Bochra Boudarka – PE Lead, Year 3 Teacher

Bhamti Sood – Year 3 Teacher (Maternity)

Arthur Stevens – Year 3 Teacher

Tony Toghill – Rights Respecting Lead, Year 4 Teacher

Pirenavan Chitranjan – Computing Lead, Year 4 Teacher

Elhan Mohamoud – Year 5 Teacher

Alice Relton – Year 5 Teacher

Liam Vincent  – Year 6 Teacher

Shama Farquharson – PPA (EYFS and KS1)

Suwini Jayarwadena – EAL and Management Cover

Administration and Site

Kim Taylor – Senior Administration Officer

Kerry Wilson – Finance & Administration Assistant

Sharon Webster – Attendance Officer

Patrick Afolabi – Facilities Manager

Adewale Adedapo – Site Care Assistant

Educational Support

Joy Trimm – Early Years Educator

Dana Rahmani – Early Years Educator

Sharon Horgan-Harker – Support Staff Early Years

Devika Daluwatta – Support Staff Early Years

Anna McCarthy – Support Staff Early Years

Iwona Macalka – Support Staff Early Years

Stevie Phillips– Support Staff Early Years/KS1 

Donna Sheehan – Support Staff KS1

Jasmine D’Cruz – Support Staff KS1

Sean Amiri – Support Staff KS1

Seljvi Dana – Support Staff KS2

Sharon Riaz – Support Staff KS2

Justin Gottardo – Support Staff KS2

Maunika Selvarayan – Support Staff KS2

Will Howes – Support Staff – Art Studio