Our Vision

“Learning today for a better tomorrow”

Our school vision states that every child will leave this school:

  • Achieving their very best
  • Happy and confident
  • Respectful of themselves and of others
  • Always reaching for the stars!

To make this happen, we have designed a skills and knowledge based curriculum which recognises all children as individuals and supports them to recognise they have a role to play as members of the local, national and global community:

  • We will promote children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning
  • We will provide well planned, creative and experiential learning opportunities, building on prior knowledge and skills, that will be matched to the individual strengths and needs of the children
  • We will provide opportunities through an exciting and engaging curriculum, including a wide range of workshops and trips and the Skills Builder programme, to develop skills for life
  • We will create a happy, friendly, stimulating working atmosphere
  • We will encourage self-confidence, resilience and the ability to make decisions
  • We will celebrate all types of achievements so that everybody experiences the fulfilment of personal and shared success
  • We will ensure that everyone has access to equal opportunities. We will expect sensitivity and acceptance of others, and good manners
  • We will ensure that ‘Rights’ education is embedded within the curriculum and that all children know and can use the language of rights.
  • We will continue to promote our status as a ‘Rights Respecting’ school, developing pupils’ tolerance and understanding of others and equipping them for life in a diverse and rapidly changing society
  • We will ensure that curriculum across the school, including Personal, Social and Health Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Religious Education, teach children about those different to themselves; to promote tolerance and help children understand the importance of education in combating prejudice

This vision and intent can be read in conjunction with the school’s strategic priorities as developed by all Governing Board.

Please click below to read our Strategic Priorities