Art and Design in Past Academic Years

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Year 2 Art and Design

Lima and La Paz have an exciting first year in the art studio! They begin to explore colour theory, create 3D clay sculptures, paint like modern artists, bake bread, sew animal puppets and build their own moving picture book pages! 

Mechanisms – Moving Picture Book Pages

Textiles – Australian Animal Puppets

Mixed Media – Great Fire of London

Virtual Art – Frozen Planet

Sculpture – Romero Britto Clay Houses

Colour Theory – Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colours

Year 3 Art and Design

Washington and Wellington classes spend this year continuing to develop their artistic and design skills through a variety of different mediums and methods. They build on their knowledge of colour theory by learning about warm and cool colours, create paper mache sculptures, build their own miniature treehouses, learn about William Morris and his printing techniques, and learn about how to cook and package seasonal food.

DT and Sculpture – Food Packaging

Cooking – Seasonal Food

William Morris Wallpaper – Printing

Virtual Art – Under the Canopy

Sculpture – Ancient Egyptian Death Masks

Colour Theory – Warm and Cool Colours

Year 4 Art and Design

Athens and Atlanta classes spend this year continuing to develop their creativity and imagination through different creative and design challenges. They build on their knowledge of colour theory by learning about tints, shade and colours, create Roman themed cam mechanisms, explored Indian Jaipur printing, cook their own dips and dippers, paint Madagascan landscapes and weave their own Kente-inspired paper bags.

Textiles – Weaving Paper Bags

Madagascan Landscape Paintings

Jaipur Fabric – Printing

Virtual Art – Indian Art

DT – Roman Cams

Colour Theory – Tints and Shades

Year 5 Art and Design

In Year 5, Tokyo and Toronto classes focus on refining their artistic skills in a variety of ways. They learn about complementary colours, build their own miniature greenhouses, explore ancient recipes from the UK, explore Saxon and Viking art, make their own musical instruments and perform with them using their own carnival masks.

Sculpture – Carnival Masks

DT – Making Musical Instruments

Anglo Saxon Amulets – Clay

Virtual Art – Anglo Saxon and Scots Art

DT – Making Mini Greenhouses

Colour Theory – Complementary Colours

Year 6 Art and Design

For their final year in Key Stage 2, Santiago and Salvador classes spend the year reviewing, recapping and developing their artistic skills further so they are ready to express themselves creatively in secondary school. They create their own abstract art inspired by Paul Klee, go through the design process multiple times to create a special container, paint still-life art pieces inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe, sew their own soft furnishing using old clothing, create their own light-up signs and finally create their own personal museums showcasing what they have learnt over the years.

Mini Art Museums

DT – Light-up Signs

Georgia O’Keeffe Still Life Painting

Virtual Art – Still Life Art

DT – Transporting a Precious Object

Colour Theory – Review and Recap