Year 2 Art and DT

Lima and La Paz have an exciting first year in the art studio! They begin to explore colour theory, create 3D clay sculptures, create collages inspired by their local area, build their own chair for baby bear, create a working miniature ferris wheel and construct a moving monster!

Mechanisms – Ferris Wheels

For this project, Year 2 designed and created their own Ferris wheels, considering how the different components fit together so that the wheels rotate and the structures stand freely. Pupils selected appropriate materials and developed their cutting and joining skills

Sculpture and 3D – Clay Houses

Developing their ability to work with clay, children learned how to create simple thumb pots then explored the work of sculptor Rachel Whiteread and applied her ideas in a final piece that uses techniques such as cutting, shaping, joining and impressing into clay.

Craft and Design – Map it out!

Responding to a design brief, children created a piece of art that represented their local area using a map as their stimulus. They learned three techniques for working creatively with materials and at the end of the project, evaluated their design ideas, choosing the best to meet the brief.