Year 6 Art and DT

Year 6 spend this year applying their Art and DT knowledge, alongside learning new skills that will prepare them for high school Art and DT lessons. Our pupils learn about photography, symbolism, sculpture, making waistcoats, prototype playgrounds and using CAD to create gadgets for the future.

See below for the work we have been doing!

Structures – Playgrounds

Year 6 learned about how to design and create a model of a new playground featuring five apparatus, made from three different structures. Then, by making a footprint as the base, pupils made their prototype playgrounds using their existing DT knowledge of structures along with the new knowledge of using hand saws and hot-glue to create their work how they planned it.

Make sure to swipe through to see some amazing prototype playgrounds!

Drawing – Making my voice heard

On a journey from the Ancient Maya to modern-day street art, children explore how artists convey a message. They begin to understand how artists use imagery and symbols as well as drawing techniques like expressive mark making, tone and the dramatic light and dark effect called ‘chiaroscuro’.

Textiles – Waistcoats

In this project Year 6 learn about selecting suitable fabrics, using templates, pinning, decorating and stitching to create a waistcoat for a person or purpose of their choice. Here’s a few of our pupils’ work!

Craft and Design – Photography

Exploring photography as a medium for expressing ideas, pupils investigate scale and composition, colour and techniques for adapting finished images. They use digital media to design and create photographic imagery for a specific design brief.