Year 3 Art and DT

Year 3 spend this year continuing to develop their artistic and design skills through a variety of different mediums and methods. They learn about and cook with seasonal food, using botanical art as a starting point for their drawings, code a Micro:bit and design and create a functional pouch to place it in, create their own Ancient Egyptian Scrolls, construct their own castles and explore how shape and space make interesting abstract sculptures!

Look below to see more of what we have been doing!

Craft and Design – Ancient Egyptian Scrolls

By learning about the way colour, scale and pattern influenced ancient Egyptian art, children explored the technique of paper-making to create a papyrus-style scroll. Ideas were then extended to create a modern response by designing a ‘zine’.

Cooking and Nutrition – Eating Seasonally

For this unit, Year 3 discovered when and where fruits and vegetables are grown. They also learnt about seasonality in the UK and the relationship between the colour of fruits and vegetables and their health benefits by making three dishes.

Drawing – Growing artists

Using botanical drawings and scientific plant studies as inspiration, pupils explored the techniques of artists such as Georgia O’Keefe and Maud Purdy to draw natural forms, becoming aware of differences in the choice of drawing medium, scale and the way tonal shading can help create form.