Year 5 Art and DT

Year 5 learn about some really interesting areas of Art and DT this year! They begin with creating their own installation art and modifying and prototyping motorised electric doodlers, before moving on to developing their drawing skills in a retro-futuristic styles and creating their own moving picture books, before finishing the year learning about portraits and cooking healthy food.

See below for the work we have been doing!

Mechanisms – Moving Picture Books

For this project, Year 5 were given a design brief of creating a four-page pop-up storybook design that included a range of mechanisms and decorative features, such as: levers, sliders, layers and spacers.

Drawing – I need space!

Developing ideas more independently, Year 5 considered the purpose of drawings as they investigate how imagery was used in the ‘Space race’ that began in the 1950s. They then combined collage and printmaking to create a piece in their own style.

Sculpture and 3D Art – Installation Art

Using inspiration of historical monuments and modern installations, Year 5 planned by researching and drawing, a sculpture to fit a design brief. They investigated scale, the display environment and possibilities for viewer interaction with their piece to create a range of incredible installation art pieces of varying sizes.