Year 4 Art and DT

Athens and Atlanta classes spend this year continuing to develop their creativity and imagination through different creative and design challenges. They build on their knowledge of colour theory by learning about tints, shade and colours, create their own slingshot cars, build miniature pavilions, develop their drawing, collage and printmaking skills, design and construct their own working torches, and use the patterns with flora and fauna as a starting point to develop their drawing and textiles techniques.

Mechanisms – Slingshot Cars

Year 4 learn in this project how to transform lollipop sticks, wheels, dowels and straws into a moving car. For this, they used glue and tape to make a launch mechanism, design and make the body of the vehicle using nets and assemble these to the chassis to create a working slingshot car.

Painting and Mixed Media – Light and Dark

For this unit, pupils developed their colour mixing skills, using shades and tints to show form and create three dimensions when painting. They then learnt about composition and planed their own still life to paint, applying chosen techniques.

Structures – Pavilions

Exploring pavilion structures, Year 4 learnt about what they are used for and investigated how to create strong and stable structures before designing and creating their own pavilions.

Drawing – Power Prints

Using everyday electrical items as a starting point, pupils developed an awareness of composition in drawing and combined media for effect when developing a drawing into a print.